Voice Coil


Voice CoilConsistent High Quality

Since our inception, our main product has been the voice coil for use in speakers.

A speaker's success depends completely on its sound quality, and in this respect the voice coil is the lifeline supporting the speaker.

Here at Goto our ground-breaking winding technology has enabled us to produce voice coils in many shapes and forms, all of which share one thing - consistent high quality.

This unwavering commitment to quality has been the key to our meeting the exacting reliability standards of high-end speaker makers throughout the world for the last 40 years, earning us an excellent reputation with speaker makers the world over.

Furthermore, in order to continue to meet the demand for cutting edge high quality voice coils, we have developed our own materials in-house, a process which has led to the innovation of our square wire.

Music has the power to lift and enrich people’s souls the world over. Whilst a love for music exists, Goto will continue to produce voice coils of the highest quality.


Pick Up CoilNew Possibilities for a New Era

With us firmly in the era of multi-media era, Goto is proud of its pick up coils for multi-media application.

Originally developed form voice coil technology to pick up the digital signal from CD and LD audio instruments, more recently it has been used in removable media applications.

Used in CD ROMs which have storage capacity of 450 Floppy discs and large memory DVD applications, the pick up coil has become indispensable to modern life.

The multimedia age is just beginning, and we have only just started to explore the possibilities of the pick up coil. Without a doubt it will continue to play a large role in our everyday life.