The shape of wire for the 21st century!!

square wireFor many years, we at Goto relied on round wire in all our products. In the name of innovation this was then replaced in many products by ribbon ( rectangular ) wire. Then, in 1999 as part of our continuous drive for improvement Goto succeeded in winding the first square wire coils, a coil type which has many advantages over conventional coils.


Advantages of Square Wire:

  • Increase in the Volumetric Occupancy Ratio
  • Advantage of the skin effect
  • Greater heat Dissipation
  • Decrease in coil size/increase in power

In view of the many advantages that square wire offers over conventional wire, we envisage a big shift to square wire in the near future.


square wireAn increase in the volumetric occupancy ratio means that the self-resonance of the wound coil decreases. Compared to round wire, both ribbon and square wire have a 27% higher volumetric occupancy ratio.

The tendency for current to flow round the surface of a wire at high frequencies is known as the skin effect, and compared with a round wire of same size, the square wire is greatly superior. Comparing with ribbon wire, though the volumetric occupancy ratio is same as the square wire, the square wire is again superior.

*E.g. A 1.0mmø round wire has circumference of 3.14mm. In comparison to this, a square wire of size 1.0 has 4 sides of 1mm so a total of 4mm thus 1.27 times superior. Compared with a ribbon wire of 1.0mm x 2.0mm ( total measurement of 4 sides = 6mm ), a square wire has a total measurement of 8mm ( 2pcs of 1mm square wire )

As can be clearly seen from the wire cross sections below, there are many gaps between the windings in a round wire coil, resulting in large heat retention. Compared to this the square wire coil has very few gaps, meaning that it has excellent heat dissipation properties.

When the same DCR as a round wire coil is required, a smaller size square wire should be used. For example, compared with a round wire of 0.45mmø square wire of size 0.40m x 0.40mm gives the same DCR, meaning that both a decrease in the size of the coil and surrounding parts is possible, resulting in a decrease in size and cost of the whole set.

Compared with a coil wound with the same size of round wire, a square wire coil has a 15-20% lower DCR, resulting in a power increase. A lower DCR also results in less heat being produced, meaning that less energy is required, a factor that has obvious environmental benefits in areas such as combatting global warming etc.

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Semiconductor heat exchange snow melting system

Goto has developed a new brand of heating system "Nice Pick" using a semi-conductor heating element unit as a heat source in a sheet form. The benefits of such a system lie in its thinness, lightweight and low voltage, which means that it can be used in almost any situation, from being used to stop snow building up on roofs, or as a road heating system or also as a floor heating system.

The other major benefit of this system is its very efficient energy use which is beneficial both from an economical and environmental standpoint.

Clean Heating System Clean Heating System Clean Heating System

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Don't run the risk of investment failure. With a reputation built over many years, Goto California Inc offers the highest standard in assembly and manufacturing for a wide range of components.

With facilities in China, Goto offers an unbeatable combination of Chinese cost efficiency and punctuality and above all Japanese quality.

Our Tijuana ( Mexico ) plant is also available upon your request.

We have wide range of OEM productions of not only audio related parts, components, assembly but also all kinds of coils, gaskets, and other electric or electronic parts or assembly.


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Bajio & Tijuana, Mexico

square wireWe are located in US border and very close to any clients in USA/Canada. We'll promptly respond to any urgent requirements like sudden needs for samples, or any quality issue when a immediate corrective action are required as well as mass production for voice coil and other items. ISO9001 certified. The wide space in our warehouse, experience in various type of import/export in many years and systematic and on-line inventory control enables our clients to comply with their clients' requirements for punctual, flexible and just-in-time delivery in a desired lot size. Also some rework/sorting service related with quality problem is available.

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